We are a manufacturer of magnets and magnetic systems!

Arrowmatic Engineering Trading
is a professional manufacturer of new generation rare-earth magnets and skilled at manufacturing many kinds of magnetic systems, such as, magnetic separators, holding assemblies, lifting magnets, magnetic chucks and other magnetic systems. The output of year for magnets and magnetic systems can reach more than 1,000 tons.

Arrowmatic Engineering Trading is famous for his quality magnetic separators for food industry, plastic processing industry and chemical industry. Our magnetic separators are popular both at home and abroad. We can supply you the most quality magnetic separators, such as, magnetic filter bars, magnetic sampling probes, grate/grid magnets, hopper magnets, drawer magnets, liquid line magnetic traps, magnetic head pulley, etc.

Arrowmatic Engineering Trading can produce and supply you a full range of magnetic holding assemblies and tools, such as, Neodymium pot magnets, Alnico horseshoe and button magnets, Alnico deep pot magnets and shallow pot magnets, Ceramic cup assemblies, Ceramic magnetic rails and toolbar, sandwiches magnets, welding magnets,

is qualified as a reliable supplier for many clients from all over the world. Arrowmatic Engineering Trading would like to offer you a wide range of magnets and magnetic systems with the best quality and competitive price. OEM and customer designed applications are also welcomed. We have every solution that you can imagine in your wildest dream and we are glad to help you solve the problems on magnetic. Contact us! We are ready to serve you! We would be glad to answer your inquiries

magnetic attraction bar and knife bar, magnetic clips and other customer design holding assemblies.
Besides, Arrowmatic Engineering Trading is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of lifting magnets and magnetic chucks in China. All of our Permanent magnetic lifters are CE certificated.
We always involve ourselves in the progress of magnetic application technology. With many years'
manufacturing and assembling experience, Arrowmatic Engineering Trading
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